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I and Activity (Videomaker) part1

I and Activity (Videomaker) - part 1

While typing this post, I'm processing the songs to the seventh, eighth and ninth band's progressive rock genre Montecristo. Nine songs are listed in the CD list, among others:
 Ancestral Land
 About Us

 A Romance Of Serendipity
 Garden Of Hope
 Celebration Of Birth
 In Touch With You
 Forbidden Song

The ninth song is finally finished well yesterday, the day Saturday, December 17, 2011. Stems from my desire to make a video clip style windows movie maker, for two songs and the Forbidden Garden Of Hope Song about six months ago. I consent to the Montecristo (MC) and Alhamdulillah received a positive response. Although I am an amateur video maker, Montecristo gladly accept that claim. Then continues and imperceptibly ninth video songs born of my hand the magic of this.

Montecristo especially Mr.Eric Martoyo and Mr.Riza Novara as the manager of the band also participated in helping the manufacturing process, such as sending photos to be used as a slide show also post MP3 songs that will be worked out. The next process is still discussion remotely, via e-mail inbox and, to be published before the fix to the discussion process is not over. Chat to chat becomes a self familiarity. At least I understand what he desired and he has never imposed its will, would appreciate my claim.

That's about the creative process that happens I gained the confidence of Montecristo. Likewise with the Montecristo friends Kadri Jimmo the Prizes of Rhythm (KJP) who both progrssif rock type, but tends to pop KJP romantic, I told him that permission (KJP), again I was given the green light. KJP new three songs that I finished making his version of WMV video clips and a collection of rows in riEariEriE Youtube account. KJP was the third song of stars, a cup before I go and all feelings. The creative process this time is fully delegated to me by the (captain's brother) Mohamad Kadri and the manager, as leader of the band.

I think all have positive and negative values ​​when I move on their own without any discussion of a friend. Correcting the work yourself it's like to escape the foresight of the eye, although a slight mistake such as the laying of the letter, but the video was very memepengaruhi ending, especially when it stages the data in a computer store.

Said to be easy, but even so hard and vice versa. Two video clips that I think make alias dizzy headache when the cultivation of the song "Siapakah Kita?" (Who Are We) by SYMPHONY, where there are several import movie from youtube clips are combined in one that are all about the war very suited to visualize the content of the song. Another of the song "Bila Saya" (When I'm) by Kahitna, had discouraged her why the smaller size of the song saved it can not?

After several experiments with consultation to my two best friends, finally I found the answer. Apparently there is a damaged movie file that can not be stored even in his priview impressions can be seen. In my first mood and chemistry, problems that occur later in the video is kind of small pebbles in the street. Furthermore, as will upload to youtube or facebook accounts like internet network crashed or something else causing the failure to publish. And if it passes will cause a sense of plong (relief)

I often get a video clip of facesbookers shipment, call Anton Setiady T and Edwin's Bar BerBor or Wijayanto, when it occurred to no desire to follow in their footsteps. Until one day, when my birthday, I got a happy birthday video submissions from Tyas Amalia Yahya.

She is what changed my perspective to learn how to create their own video. Then I asked him, but I can not understand his explanation. Then I asked barberbor, they only give the key opener, "Easy Ma'am, look for windows movie maker wrote, on any computer or laptop anyway, it's built from windowsnya." That last word is the key that I did not know its location.

The story is like a key that will open other doors of a knowledge about making videos. Then I asked each of my children, it turns out they did not know it. Then I found how to make, and start experimenting a video finished, the test event for the song "Menggapai Bintang" (Reaching the Stars) by SYMPHONY (Album NORMAL)

Once I started preoccupation 'ngulik' direct line of ideas to make the songs of the few songs that I like. I intend to make a video clip of the song that vocalist Herman SYMPHONY Gelly, and that his solo album. Talking about the songs Herman Gelly, although my favorities the song "Janji yang Sederhana" (Promise The Simple), but instead the song is contained in Note Seasonal her music is his hobby of cycling. That was the beginning of the process I was able to import video input (film) into windows movie maker. Apart from my review on it.

I do not know all of a sudden a lot of friends requesting the song clip made especially for her old school. For super old song, I just make her music video "Cinta Putih" (White Love) that is deliberately created two versions of the distinctive vocals and Simon Grace and Titik Puspa own creator. Having shared the wall was a lot of friends who like Simon Grace version, but I personally prefer the version Titik Puspa. I think the more delicate, so for making her music more slowly.

Of a video into two then three and so far has been over 50 video clips resolved. In the eight months I produce that much, initially just for fun has now become a pleasure fun, as much fun as writing (typing) short story or other stories.

More-over the place 'hide' I can on the blog or some other account. I learned a slide show of importing video from a few movies available on youtube. I happened to Hollywood moviegoers, Korean drama or local production, so I remember what movie in which if the right fit for the songs I was working on this.

At first I was scared when I follow download a film that should be changed to a form of wmv. first through the application whose name converter. Fortunately I have friends who are ready to lead, the Bar BerBor. After starting donlot skilled, next is the editing process, so much pleasure there.

riEariEriE youtube account was more lively, a few new friends to join. But their friends lingakaran fesbuker and outside it. Then every social network accounts from clean to enhance your appearance and add new applications, I would not want to follow the rules and regulations. Add to google chrome or with a link +1 will make widely known throughout the world. So, famous for its video? Oh, no! I am not-too figure Brigadier Norman, Udin World or the famous Sprott & Jojo suddenly because upload video to Youtube.

My intention is different, the first concern when browsing old school songs on youtube find videos made arbitrarily.So 'acakadut' alias that both utilize the era of globalization, can pour all the expressions themselves freely and for free. More to follow developments in technology, so I'm not clueless, even though I am no IT education. Learning should be, regardless of age and time, and it is delicious as well just fun.

When I feel the need of entertainment, the work of the amateur that I was able to make me feel at home enjoyed themselves. Sometimes when I miss having the kids, play live video clips of the song Mother by Mellowdrone that I accidentally made two versions. that a special slide show contains pictures of children from infancy through adolescence now. 

Even I was stunned when my husband is super busy with the affairs of optical fiber, one day I stopped at the wall and enjoy the treats it. She says, "The video is good, tells the story of a sequence like our children." Apparently the kids were having the same flavor, they miss me when playing videos like that. At last they felt the old familiar songs with the touch of my hand with a video. Now my hobby grew into a video maker.

Back to ordering song videos will be made. I just received the first three orders of the singer's song Crash his own request, Mr. Eric Martoyo, by reason of the world market again "Crash!" so when the song really fits with the same title that made her music. Due to the sudden and so perpepsinya same time, I only show the composition of the slide show songs. Not much, even too easy and simple. However, the buyer thought it was enough. Okay I was also relieved.

The second ordering is one of the twin daughters of the Maestro, Fariz RM to be made containing clips birthday Venski Venska-October 26, 2011 last fall, then the song "Selamat Untukmu (Congratulations You) by Fariz RM & Deddy Dhukun JRS, I think it represents an expression with a happy birthday insert words from both parents twin daughters who now lectures in the Netherlands and Canada.

The photos in the slide show is a series of submissions from Ms. Diana Oneng Riyadini and video footage of the twins kesayanagn two cats, Iggy and the Owy helped enliven the content of video clips, no-frills other applications, but only the ordinary impressions represent the wishes of the request .

Then recently I received an e-mail from the pianist duo band who is very familiar to me, namely mas Fadhil Indra to the tune of NAD by Fadhil Indra, and fitting aired seven years ago when the Tsunami disaster, ruining the earth Nanggroe. When dialoq via inbox, I just happened to donlot similar video for the song "Langit Merah Di Atas Dunia" (Red Sky Above the World) by Tony Wenas SYMPHONY with the vocalist on the album Metal (1983). So two songs at the same time can be finalized.

Every time I make a video clip never feel your best, just pour what's in the dreams and thoughts in the form of a slide show of images, whether it's from the collection of personal photos or downloaded on Google, be on display at all, especially my youtube account.

Imperceptibly towards the end of 2011 I completed the 61 video clips, not all of my favorite songs can be contained in the clip, sometimes factors of time and my computer skills, as well as the limitations of existing applications.

I'm just an amateur video maker, I just want to be and there is no intention to commercial. as a member of the music community, especially the music of Indonesia, in this way I would like to reintroduce the old songs that ever familiar to me in its future for generations to come, especially for my children.

Thanks to all friends who have enjoyed the virtual world collections of video clips of my work, through networking facebook, youtube, twitter, blogger and google chrome.

Arie Rachmawati

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