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My Note About Them

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Transcontinental Music
          By: Arie Rachmawati

Unique, it just started from my conversations with foreign musicians at the Modern Art Group on music with language limitations of each. However, due to the intensity of the musical language of communication eventually we became friends. Friendly through facebook, and glide CD's to my home.

I think that music is a language other than the world, the music without having to translate as much detail as possible for the layman, just focus on the rhythm of the song, mind and heart off following the bars, then we can be music lovers.

Obviously suit each person's taste. Incidentally fifth CD contains mostly instrumental and they were musicians from various countries with the ability to play each instrument to be able to create beautiful harmonizing tones. Music across continents, so I called it.

Unique, unique again, because the five compact discs that I know where each constant separately musicians and really did not know that they are friends. The five compact disc of jazz, blues, ballads really are:

         * Kazhargan World - Wonderful Times
         * Flow - duos trios quintets
         * Max Ridgway Trio - Blues And Curiosities
         * Max Ridgway Trio - Live At Borders
         * Max Rigdway - A Little Night Music
(coverphoto by Tanya Truang /
design by maxim Aspirin Rymarev)

Written on light blue CD cover (navy blue) is the following musicians:
  • Stanislav Zaslavsky - Piano
  • Hans Peter Saletin - Trumpet
  • Cheryl Pyle - Flute
  • Max Ridgway - Guitar
  • Brian Mitchell Brody - Saxophone
  • Tony Cimorosi - NS Double Bass
  • Sean O'Bryan Smith - Electric Bass
  • Papa Z - Drums & Percussion
The 12 songs featured include:
  1. Wonderful Times
  2. Children Of The World
  3. Mayan Prophecy
  4. Other Constellations
  5. AfterTime
  6. Spirit of Discovery
  7. Invisible Celebration
  8. Live Under Water
  9. My Motherland
  10. Irene Was Here
  11. All Day Rain
  12. Cuban Snow
Poem and voice by Cheryl Pyle - Music by Stan Z
email :

In chemistry I already know the familiar first song titled Wonderful Times either through Youtube account the pianist Stan Z and Max Ridgway  the guitarists often give a link to my facebook wall, long before the CD release. Then it was the one I listened to as a whole through the original compact disc does feel different. "I enjoyed!" Gentle rhythm is very fit to accompany a relaxing time while enjoying panoramic views of the fall of dusk slowly, correctly in accordance with its title track opener is Wonderful Times. Then the guitarist introduced me to the blower that Cheryl Pyle flute, which was expertly made the following poem:
K A Z H A R G A N ... a word of open gestures a word with no specific translation
open values in the meaning for us all to seek out find your own way
in songs of worlds born in heart sauna jazz. (Cheryl Pyle 10.29.2011)

On track number 4, Cheryl Pyle illustration lacks poetry reading his own flute, followed by another rhythm. Behind the CD, on the back cover says something like, "I express my gratitude and Admiration for my wonderful friends and musicians excelient: Hans Peter Salentin from Germany, Cheryl Pyle and Tony Cimorosi from New York, Sean O'Bryan Smith from Tennessee, Max Ridgway and Brian Mitchell Brody from Oklahoma. Thanks for their skill and devotion to music, good sensitivy, patience and love. "- Stan Z. This indicates that they are not contiguous but could produce a slick music. In this CD actually my attention focused on Papa Z or Aleksandr Zaslavsky, he is the father of the head of this group. Great!.
A trust of his I ever get some special link to see the father's skill are very fond of percussion and drum his tools. Father and son were musicians. Bravo! That was my introduction to a piece of light blue CD, picture sparrows lined the fence. Now I will introduce the CD sent from Obernbreit, Germany is "Flow" with the title "duos trios quintets"

Art & cover design : Axel Weiss /
2012 by the musicians - worldwide

Hmm. . . FLOW when translated means the flow, which probably meant is like flowing water. But not a barrier to listening 15 tracks packaged in an album titled "duos trios quintets". Of the six musicians on this album FLOW three of whom are musicians from Kazhargan World as Stanizlav Zaslavsky, Cheryl Pyle and Sean O'Bryan Smith. And the other three are, Arne Hioth (Oslo, Norway): trumpeth, Oddrun Eikli (Oslo, Norway): vocals, words and melody lines and Axel Weiss (Obernbreit, Germany): guitars and composing, rhodes piano.
Flow so wow, I honestly was not a bystander music but music lovers. So I listen to music so catchy that it will sway my head right-left to follow the rhythm of song. FLOW opening song on the album struck me as very energetic opener, welcome Cheryl Pyle voice greets the listener with his illustrations breezy flute sounding lead guitar Axel Weiis, others follow.

That's what I respond when listening to a song called "Let it go with the Flow", duration 4:54. Followed by the second track, I still do not know the vocalist named Oddrun Eikli, but so often hear their songs through fanpage Axel Weiss-Stan Z, Youtube, My Space or SoundCloud, I felt very familiar very soft melodious voice, reminds me of the sound The Groove singer, Rika Ruslan. The second song titled, "Autumnal" with typical intro Axel Weiss acoustic guitar, flute and voice trumpeth-end with tenderness Oddrun voice and guitar Axel.

F L O W , this is our intrinsic music - music for itself. We play to fulfill our love of music and heart tenderncy for original sound which range from free jazz improvisations to composed jazz ballads. We welcome you to listen.

Track list :
  1. Let it go with the Flow
  2. Autumnal
  3. Spontaneus Balladicity
  4. Little Things
  5. Dialogue in Blues
  6. Flavour from the Sun
  7. From Chaos to Heaven
  8. Spring
  9. Dessert in Heaven
  10. Sun Dance
  11. Islay Blues
  12. Oceanic Spheres
  13. Rocking
  14. Precious Energy
  15. Happy Tune

Well than 15 tracks, the most familiar to me is "Little Things and Springs", so very much household work I listen to their songs give a new color in everyday life. And to know more please contact or use it click

Actual news:

"FLOW" is here - our new international and independent jazz album.
If you like to order our CD, please send a message to one of these mailadresses: (Germany) or (Norway)

or click


This CD comes with Kazhargan World, 4 days ago. When observed CD Max Ridgway Trio - Blues And Curiosities, recorded on May 7, 2008, that I just received the CD "A Little Night Music and Live At Borders" with the last recording in 2011. Well, I am grateful to know the new guitarist of Alva, Oklahoma - USA already mnedapat three CDs at once. This CD consists of three musicians: Max Ridgway (guitar) - Richard Martin (bass) - Tony Swafford (drums). The Cd contains :
  1. Heard It Throught the Grapevine (Barret Strong/Norman Whitfield)
  2. Chariots (John Scofield)
  3. Diotima's Strange Discoveries (Max Ridgway)
  4. The Dancin Jellyfish (Max Ridgway)
  5. The Nature Theatre of Oklahoma (Max Ridgway/Jason Franklin)
  6. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Blind Lemon Jefferson)
  7. The Lizard King (Max Ridgway)
  8. Turnaround (Ornette Coleman)
  9. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan)
  10. Them Changes (Buddy Milles) / Born Under A Bad Sign (Albert King)
  11. In A Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington)

Guest star named Jason Franklin, comes with a harmonica for the song "Knockin 'On Heaven's Door, and The Nature Theatre of Oklahoma", the two songs are rich play the harmonica, was instrumental. But in the song "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean", sounding vocals are the star, so very atmosphere lead to a settlement cowboy intro to the end, even the guitar Max Ridgway escape rhythms like jazz in Kazhargan World. I personally really salute to him who enjoy all genres of music.

I once wrote about in a previous entry entitled,"Ridgway Boston Performs Solo Concert."  There I deliberately asked the foreign correspondent to write more articles newspaper ran a story about him, and then I copy back in the Indonesian language and share in my blog also notes facebook. That's the reason why I am interested in American Caucasians, because he could get me a lot of knowledge and insight into the music, which I need to learn a lot to him, to anyone that I would learn. Because the study did not know the age and time.

As I write this, I have not listened properly eleven songs from the album "Blues and Curiosities.". However, two songs track 2 and track 3, are the songs that are familiar to my ears, through the CD before I had received.


Cover foto by Roger Scott For booking information :

Around July 2012, for the first time I received a package containing a CD of Max Ridgway. Speechless and happy. I never thought I would receive the gift. Not only that, but he took me to a discussion of his music. Crazy! Who am I, why yes I am usually invited to a discussion about music. I was the only music lovers, not a musician or a music observers.

Okay, so say I agreed. Start the one I play the CD they will be, regardless of the composition of the songs in the album list.
From the first, until the end of the song I love the song, Ani't No Sunshine.  Both in CD titled, "Live At Borders or A Little Night Music." Older songs owned by Bill Withers turned in some versions remain caught my attention.So I asked permission to make a version of windows movie maker clip with my style.
Shoots beloved side dish arrived, he gave permission and let me make a clip with a song that I like. The difference in this album with the album "A Little Night Music", are all the songs on this album was recorded in a studio audience by including live shows, because every song sounds the end of the audience clapping. Although the same song, as Ain't No Sunshine, I was interested in her music make two versions. Other than that I'm interested in old songs of George Harrison, titled ,"Something."

The song is familiar ears, when I was a teenager, I think is very fitting to post photos once owned by Max Ridgway who display the shoelaces in various forms. Something is really something, I made a clip of her using Picasa 3, the clip shows the end it really is a song and a slideshow that something was the one, because it is packed with rhythm very slowly and blues jamming. Good to Something Max Ridgway version!.
Arrangement of 14 songs on the album Live At Borders, among others:         1. Scrapple from the Apple (Charlie Parker)
        2. Freddie Freeloader (Miles Davis)
        3. Master of War (Bob Dylan)
        4. Chariots (John Scofield)
        5. Is not NO Sunshine (Bill Whiters)
        6. Angel Eyes
        7. Ziphim (John Zorn)
        8. Herat it Trough The Grapevine (Strong / Whititfield)
        9. Blue Monk (Monk theolonius)
       10. Something (George Harrison)
       11. Diotima's Strange Discoveries (Max Ridgway)
       12. I Shot the Sheriff (Bob Marley)
       13. Isolde (Max Ridgway)
       14. A Little Night Music (Max Ridgway)      Recorded March, 2011 by Richard Martin
     mastered by Dave Skinner, Skinner Audio Serviices


Inside photograph by Troy Brooks
Contact Max Ridgway at

I first heard the songs on the album titled, "A Little Night Music", I fell in love with the last song is, "I Close My Eyes". Addition to the song Ain't No Sunshine which I mentioned above. Apparently after a chat around ngidul, my song choice is the latest song added to the composition of the new track list. Once again I reiterate, each listening to a new song that I just listen, (whatever that is) I accidentally let the mind, ears and feelings which I rolled find the songs that I like. And it turned out really led me to express, and will normally be followed further to make something shaped paper clips. Given my recent more enjoy making clips with limited applications, software and mood. Without feel I have made some clips for him, among other things:
Ain't No Sunshine (2 versions), Something, A Little Night Music, I Close My Eyes and Isolde. Last three tracks are original Max Ridgway, whereas random selection of songs when I was interested in making his clip. Thank you for your trust and Max Ridgway appreciates the opportunity.

Link to video clip of the song in the list above Arie Rachmawati Youtube account as follows: - Ain't No Sunshine by Max Ridgway from album A Little Night Music - Ain't No Sunshine by MR Trio from album Live At Borders - Something by Max Ridgway - A Little Night Music by Max Ridgway - I Close My Eyes by Max Ridgway from album A Little Night Music - Isolde by Max Ridgway

In the songs on the album 'A lilttle Night Music' as follows:     1. BB Blues (Larry Coryell)
    2. Is not No sunshine
    3. Help (Lennon / Mc Cartney
    4. Bernie's Blues (Max Ridgway)
    5. Come Together (Lennon / McCartney)
    6. A Little Night Music (Max Ridgway)
    7. Isolde (Max Ridgway)
    8. I Close My Eyes (Max Ridgway)

I am very lucky to know them through social networking media, especially facebook. It all started with a friend of my brother named Mr. Yayan Wachyana who introduced to pianist from Russia, Stanislav Zaslavsky about a year ago. Then I was invited to join his group FB, and became acquainted with the painter, artist proof, cool again named Axel Weiss and eventually befriended guitarist from Alva Oklahoma, he's Max Ridgway the one I was friends with all of them. Amin, because my intention is to establish communication then all given the ease and smoothness.

Hopefully, as more and more of my friends from around the world, from a variety of languages and cultures. With this I was gradually introduced Indonesian music, the musicians, especially my idol Fariz RM, and later others (Montecristo and Moving On his Tono Supartono). And they gradually became interested in listening to our music, the music of Indonesia. Indonesia is very rich in culture and the arts may not merely in name only, this might be the way my little way for me personally still love the culture, the arts Indonesia, Cinta Indonesia.
Overall, I am a music lover who was not familiar with the rhythm of the blues, ever since I started to get to know Max Ridgway love blues music. Through music by Axel Weiss a confidentiality jazz ballade or in my little new to my ears, because the rich improvised instruments both acoustic guitar and the electric guitar that. Plus the distinctive sound  Cheryl Plye and Oddrun Eikli a new atmosphere. Then through his piano playing musician Stanislav Zaslavsky also another fifth CD eventually became my homework to see and enjoy when his leisure while performing routine tasks housewife.

No harm in accepting them, their music for our country. Not because I am a part of their friendship, and I applaud. Not because of that, but because of the music that brought me also they become part of the musical world.As I wrote at the beginning of this note, that music is the language of the world, it's the rhythm tone despite the communication link with the limitations of each. And Transcontinental Music notes, I end. Glad I could share and thank you so much for readers who have stopped by and read, and hopefully it helped to listen to their music.

Thanks to Stanislav Zaslavsky (Russia), Axel Weiss (Obernbreit, Germany), Cheryl Pyle (New York City), Oddrun Eikli (Oslo, Norway), and the artists in the Modern Art Group & Kazhargan World Jazz that has embraced me, and Thanks for evrything to Max Ridgway.

Bogor - Bandar Lampung, 28-29 October 2012
Arie Rachmawati

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